Murphy, drawn by Linds

Lil' Murph (also known as Murphy and Murph) is the Fant! forum mascot, a tiny/chibi version of the Maleficent dragon from the show and Sleeping Beauty film. While she is not as villainous as her 'mother' Maleficent, she still has her mischievious streak, and is a usual scapegoat for any issues or mistakes (technical or not) on the boards. Murph likes to be the center of attention, and has plastered herself across the board in many forms. She is featured on the sidebar, and has her own smiley set. On both the Fant!Tweet and Fant!Wiki pages, she can be spotted gnawing on our forum's likeness. She tends to show up in Fant!Chat upon occasion as well.

Murphy's MoodsEdit

Being a mute dragon, it's rather hard for Lil' Murph to show visible emotion, but there IS indeed a way to tell how she might be feeling -- her eyes change colors according to emotion. To give you a better idea of how to read our little dragonlet (as you should always remain on your toes around her!) here is a list of her known emotions and corresponding eye colors.

  • Happy/Usual - Yellow
  • Angry/Annoyed - Red
  • Sad/Upset - Blue
  • Sick/Pained - White