There are some characters in the Disney universe that can be considered all-powerful or infallible, or are perhaps not appropriate to have popping up all over the boards. In order to prevent god-modding and power-playing, the Fant!Staff have selected some of these characters to be Staff-Controlled NPCs. (Non Playable Characters) They are utilized by the entire staff as necessary for boardwide plots, and can be featured in threads upon request from players. The most notable of these is Maleficent, as she is Fantasmic's main antagonist.

Staff-Controlled CharactersEdit


As Maleficent is the primary antagonist and orchestrator of the entire board plot, the staff of Fantasmic felt as though she should not be available for just anyone to play. Her profile was filled by Kat, and she is represented by the staff in order to control the plot of the board and trigger certain events. She is one of the most powerful NPC characters on the list. She was most recently seen as a surprise guest presenter at the First Semi-Annual Murphy Awards.

The Good FairiesEdit

Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. They are the equal opposite of Maleficent, and the staff thought it was appropriate that they be controlled as the balance to Maleficent. The profile for The Good Fairies was completed by Kat, and they appear in times of great need or distress in order to aid the heroes of the board. They were most recently featured as the instigators of the Fant!Quests and were guest presenters at the First Semi-Annual Murphy Awards.

Aslan Edit

The Great Lion, creator of Narnia. Aslan is a deity with the power to create and destroy worlds. His profile was completed by Ammers, and he has yet to make any appearances on the boards.

The EnchantressEdit

Featured in the Prologue of Beaty and the Beast. She is a powerful sorceress who uses her abilities to teach harsh lessons. The Enchantress has yet to make any appearances on the boards.